Product Info - Gel Enhancements

About Gel

Gel is a pre-mixed polymer and monomer gel which is applied to your natural nail, sculpted or over a tip and cured under a UV light. 

Gel looks very natural and is thin, flexible, non-yellowing and nonporous. This is a beneficial product as it does not damage your natural nails and will allow your own nails to grow successfully underneath.  

Many users have gel applied to their own nail with no tips called "overlays".  This can help to strengthen their nails allowing them to grow which could otherwise be difficult due to splitting or breaking. 

It is important to remember your nails are what people see and with Gel they will be seen as an enhancement and not as fake nails.

The products used by Nails by Suzy are Genuine Gelish Hard Gel and Gelish Soak-off Gel Polish which will always achieve the maximum result and do not contain MMA (see further information on MMA).

How is hard gel applied?

Nails are prepared by sanitising the hands and nails, cuticles pushed back and tidied up, shine gently removed from natural nails (hand buffing, no electric files or drills used), nails shaped and wiped with nail pure to ensure nails are clean, tips applied if required, blended and shaped.  Nails are wiped with nail pure to ensure all dust and particles are removed.

A bonding agent (non acid gel primer) is brushed onto the nail to create a bond between nail plate and gel.

Gel is applied to the nails and cured under an LED light for 30 secondsWhite tips can be painted on with gel and cured or Gelish Soak-Off colour can be applied. A finish layer of super glossy gel is applied and cured.  

Nails are completely dry and a cuticle oil is applied to finish the service.

What is maintenance?

As your nails grow the gel applied will move up the nail leaving a small gap between the cuticle and gel.  This area needs to be filled.

I would recommend maintenance every 2-3 weeks particularly when beginning with an enhancement. 

During your maintenance visit, any broken nails will also be repaired and if you have a french look your nails will be rebalanced so your "smile line" and apex is in the correct position.

How do I look after them?

Gel nails are very flexible but should be treated with care.  It is not ideal to use them as tools, for example, opening cans could cause splitting or chipping.  Do not pick them, cut or bite them.  Any repairs should be treated immediately.  Please see my page on aftercare for further information.  Gel is quite durable, but like anything, you still need to treat them with care.